Our 6 Nations Competition Winners

And the results are in…

Here are the lucky few who’ve scored a prize in our 6 Nations Competition.

ROUND 1 (draw date: 3/2/19)

£5 Dark Farm Voucher: Sean Banks
Limited edition screen printed Tshirt: Daniel Wishart
£25 Dark Farm Voucher: Jennifer Strange

ROUND 2 (draw date: 10/2/19)

£5 Dark Farm Voucher: Patrick Mills
Limited edition screen printed Tshirt: James Strange
£25 Dark Farm Voucher: Andrew Strachan

ROUND 3 (draw date: 24/2/19)

£5 Dark Farm Voucher: Michael Tiernan
Limited edition screen printed Tshirt: Marc Mason
£25 Dark Farm Voucher: Antony Bates

ROUND 4 (draw date: 10/3/19)

£5 Dark Farm Voucher: James Spiteri
Limited edition screen printed Tshirt: Matthew Elleman
£25 Dark Farm Voucher: Greg Foster

Congrats to you all, guys!

Can’t find your name on the list, Champ?
Not to worry – there’s still a chance to win vouchers and Tshirts on every match weekend during the 6 Nations Rugby Championship. The grand prize draw is on March 16th when one lucky winner will get a 5L mini keg with draught system worth £125!

(enter once to be entered automatically into all of the draws!)


Round 2:  10 Feb 2019
Round 3: 24 Feb 2019
Round 4: 10 Mar 2019
Grand Prize Draw: 16 Mar 2019

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