We’ve chosen to feature the art work by the amazing multi-media artisit TRXTR for our first issue of MASHED! homebrewing magazine for a couple of reasons. Firstly, we really love his work. A visual feast with a powerful message! And secondly, our hop farm is right next door to the fantastic couple that run Red Propeller Gallery, who represent the artist. So they’re very much rooted in our journey as a hop farm. We’ve shared one or two homebrews over the past couple of years, as you’ll imagine!

24 hour love by Trxtr

COVER ART WORK: “Twenty Four Hour Love Potion” By TRXTR

Get a signed limited edition print of this piece at https://www.redpropeller.co.uk/trxtr/


Trxtr’s work questions whether dystopia is closer to reality than we realize. His signature multi-media approach to composition is dominant throughout, yielding strikingly chaotic imagery; a unique and contemporary style which he has pioneered by embracing the dual use of paint and digital rendering.

Trxtr explores a number of themes, the most dominant of those is the effects of the ever more prominent extreme portrayal of beauty and femininity, often used to influence public idolization of celebrity and thus corporate brainwashing, sorry, ‘branding’. This includes references to fashions’ infamous and controversial rebel queen, Kate Moss, portrayed alongside morphing images of the obsessive vanity of pop culture, Botox Brangelina and playboy plasticity.

About Red Propeller Gallery

Founded by artists David & Sarah Anslow, Red Propeller Gallery hosts a dynamic collection of challenging and thought provoking pieces by the best emerging artists. The Gallery has played a major role in seamlessly merging Urban Fine Art with Contemporary Fine Art

They are one of a handful of UK galleries offering up to £25,000 interest free credit to their collectors – allowing you to spread the cost of your purchase. This is brought to you by the Arts Council ‘Own Art’ scheme.

In addition to work by TRXTR, Red Propeller showcase pieces by:

LUCIE SMAILES – intuitively combining 1950’s objects, creating visual poetry with her surrealist sculpture.

JANEC VAN VEEN – a fantastical and visionary Artist creating remixed rogue taxidermy.

All work is available to purchase on line at: https://www.redpropeller.co.uk

You can also visit their pop up gallery in East Prawle in South Devon. Check their Facebook page for opening hours.

The Bejewelled Mother Boot by Lucie Smailes
The Bejewelled Mother Boot by Lucie Smailes

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