Not Just a Hop Subscription Box!

We want to ignite your passion for homebrewing. Offering the support, encouragement, hops and kit to help cultivate your homebrewing journey. We give our members a 10% discount on every purchase of homebrew equipment and hops to help make this addictive craft more accessible.

The Big ‘Why’!

We love that craft breweries are mushrooming and revolutionising the beer industry. But it has left us homebrewers with less hops. It’s time to change that! That’s we started our hop farm and the hop club: to give homebrewers the pick of the crop. Our mission is to bring you smaller quantities of a great selection of hops so you can experiment with and experience more exciting brews.

This is What Drives Us

Community is King – we rank the incredible homebrewing community as highly as the homebrew itself. Our community gives an immense sense of belonging and is generous with its knowledge and advice.

When you can, share –  It’s addictively fun to share brews, ideas, tips, recipes, stories and rants! Plus supporting others makes you stronger: every drop and every word contributes to a stronger community and adds to the legacy you contribute to the world.

We celebrate ‘failure’ – it’s how you learn. Sometimes things don’t turn out the way you planned but are actually even better. Encouraging our community to share their epic fails helps others know what not to do. And it makes us laugh  – because life’s too short to take ourselves too seriously, right?!

We embrace curiosity and experimentation – there’s a sense of freedom with throwing out the rule book (and the recipe book) to test and taste your way forwards. Sure, it might not always work out (see above point!) but when it does: Ooooooeeee, does it feel good!!!

We encourage cultivating patience – so hard to master for some of us but so vital for a homebrewer. Patience with ourselves for when we don’t ‘get it right’, patience for the brew which is after all a microbial miracle and it decides when it’s ready, not us. Patience for the hops on their vines that ripen in their own time. And patience for others who aren’t as far along the brewing journey as we might be. We were all newbies at some point and there is no such thing as a ‘stupid question’!

This is just the start of our hop revolution! And we’re super excited that you’re coming along for the ride. Yeeee-hhaa!!!

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