Homebrew saving calculator

Discover how much you can save each month by brewing your own beer!

Okay you love beer, that’s a given. And you probably drink a lot of it; that’s okay, we love beer too. You may  have been inspired by your friend or neighbour who has been showing off their new homebrew equipment (not fair that they have one and you don’t!) Or you’ve been down to your local tap room and been served a craft beer by a bearded fella and thought ‘how hard can this be?’ But then you talk yourself out of it. You start telling yourself, ‘my other half will never allow me to get all this shiny equipment that can produce lovely, fizzy beer. I can’t justify the cost.’ Mate, you are WRONG! 

We are here to say you can! Most of us (me included) don’t always get the final say when it comes to household spending, or we at least have to prove to ourselves (and others) that starting your own homebrewing enterprise will not only be a creative new  hobby to keep you out of trouble, but also a hobby to enjoy with friends and family. AND save you a wodge of money.

To prove the point, we’ve created a homebrew calculator to back up your case to yourself or your other half.

Caveat: before you type in the digits below to prove  that this is affordable and you’ll save tons of cash, remember that this is a hobby, and hobbies can be expensive if you like the bling. Because, before you know it, you’ll be buying any and every piece of home-bar kit to nail that perfect pint. (The secret is not to tell your better half about that part – ha ha.) This calculator is to prove that the initial cost of buying your kit can be offset by the savings you make by not buying any booze.


Craft Beer
Mainstream beer

Brew in a bag start kit 5L max
Basic kettle kit 10L max
Entry level all in one kit like BrewZilla 20L
Advanced all in one kit like GrainFather 20L
Large capacity kit 60L
Semi pro kit 60L
Pro kit - show off 100L+

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