Double the pleasure, double the fun? Double Wall Kegs

When we thought we couldn’t improve our 5L mini kegs any more we only went and added another layer to it. Single wall no more; welcome to our new double walled 5L kegs!

There’s nothing worse than a warm beer. To solve this global problem the new Dark Farm double walled insulated kegs give you that extra installation to keep your beer cooler for hours longer.

How does it work? Having two walls prevents heat being transferred from the inside to the outside by conduction and convection. With very little air between the walls, there is almost no transfer of heat from the inner wall to the outer wall by convection. Conduction can only occur at the points where the two walls meet: at the top and the supports at the bottom. 

Simple, right? So, to prove our point, this experiment was carried out in our very non official lab: basically, we filled a single walled and a double walled keg with beer and stuck a thermometer in each and timed the results. Promise we didn’t drink any, we’re professionals! Here are the results:

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