INTERVIEW: Beerbliotek

Based in Gothenburg, Sweden, Beerbliotek craft award winning brews based on their simple philosophy of brewing new beers that they, themselves, would want to drink. Alongside their core range of brews like a 5.5% Bobek Citra APA and their 11% Imperial Stout, Eternal Darkness, they offer exciting one-off batches and collaborations, which has included Alone in a Field of Plenty a 9.5% Dark Wheat Wine and their L’il Pils, a 3.5% unfiltered Little Pilsner. Alongside the brewery they run a kicking taproom with at least 15 different beers to enjoy.

We tapped into the beery wisdom of Darryl De Necker Co-owner & Designer and Head of Marketing & Brand.

Swedish craft brewery
Darren tests a brew

You started off as a homebrewer, what gave you the push to go pro?

The market seemed to be ready, especially here in Sweden, where there were already a few craft breweries producing great beers. Our homebrews also had a loyal following and that gave us a bit of confidence to jump in. 

What’s your starting point for deciding on which brews to develop?

Our vision is to brew beers that we, ourselves, would want to drink. Sure, we have to brew beers that sell too, but the balance for us is important, ‘cause it’s not always about the money.

What’s the craft beer scene like in Gothenburg?

At the end of 2020 we had over 30 breweries in town and we’re very fortunate that the standard of beer is extremely high. A lot of breweries export beers like we do, and the GBG Beer Week is proof that Gothenburg is not only the beer capital of Sweden, but a solid beer destination in Europe. 

You’ve done some cool collaborations over the years; who else would you love to do a collab with? What would you brew?

Collaborations are an integral part of our brewing philosophy, and we’ve been very fortunate to have done the collaborations we’ve done. After 2020, with all of the travel restrictions, the one thing we’re looking forward to is return to collaborations with our mates in the US -Three Weavers and Finback for starters. And while we’re there, we’ll catch up with some other friends we’ve met over the years. As for what we’ll brew, that always depends on the mood and then the seasons. Collaborations are always an opportunity to experiment and mix it up.

Beerbliotek Tap Room
Beerbliotek Tap Room in Gothenburg

‘Top tip for homebrewers? Check your fermentation temperatures.’

Favourite malt?

We’ve brewed over 300 individual recipes, so that’s a tough one. If you choose speciality malts, then Crystal T-50 from Simpsons or Château Café Light from Castle Malt.

Favourite hop?

Tricky question, but if I’d guess from our brewers side they’ve always loved Sorachi Ace; but at the moment it has to be Idaho 7.

What brews can we look forward to in 2021 and can beer lovers in Britain get hold of them?

A couple of new ranges are coming from the brewery this year. First up a Classic Range, where the challenge is to brew a classic style as it should be brewed. We started with an English Mild Ale and a Bock. Secondly, we have a Homage Range where the brewers pay homage to a style or a beer they’ve liked over the years or miss having. We started with an Imperial Red IPA, a Black IPA, and a White IPA. Lastly, we have our Home Brand Range, which is a two word challenge for our brewers: to brew a beer based on a two word brief. We started out with Malt Beverage, an Amber Ale for now. The design of the cans follow a similar pattern to make the range stand out from our other beers.

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