5L Mini Keg Ice Jacket / Blanket


Oh yeah! Introducing the Dark Farm Chilled Ice Jacket / Blanket for the 5L Mini Keg. No need to walk back and forth to the fridge to top up your pint glass with a refreshing brew. Slip the 5L Mini Keg ice jacket / blanket on to your keg and it will keep your beer cool for hours. The 5L mini keg ice jacket is also a great way to take your beer with you to the beach, BBQs, parties.

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The Dark Farm CHILLED 5L Mini Keg Ice Jacket / Blanket fits our Dark Farm mini keg. The reusable keg ice jacket / mini keg is the perfect solution to keep your lovely brew cool. 

The is nothing better than a cool beer in the garden, on the beach, camping; come to think of it a cool beer anywhere is great! The new Dark Farm Ice jacket / blanket will keep the 5L mini keg as cool as the person using it.

The 5L mini keg ice jacket is simple to use, all you have to do is pop the ice pack in the freezer overnight and then slip it on the mini keg. Now you can take that mini keg and its cool contents anywhere.

Stocks are very limited so don’t hang about – pre-order now!

(Mini keg and draught system not included)


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