‘Single Walled’ 5L Mini Keg with Party Tap and CO2 Valve

From: £65.00

The Dark Farm Party Tap is a great way to kick off your mini keg experience. Simple and fun to use, the party tap and compact CO2 valve will get you kegging in no time.

What’s included?

  • 5L single walled stainless steel keg
  • Plastic party tap, hose and connector
  • Compact CO2 valve

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5L Neoprene Jacket

Slip on the neoprene jacket to add extra insulation to your keg and keep your brew cooler for longer. Also protects your keg when you're out and about.

CO2 cartridges (16g) pack of 10

Pack of 10 threaded 16g co2 cartridges. Our CO2 cartridges are filled with 100% pure CO2. They fit all CO2 valves sold at Dark Farm, each cartridge will last at least one 5L mini keg.

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‘First outing for our beautiful Dark Farm mini keg. Fits in the fridge, looks great and is super sturdy. Plus it is easier than bottling – leaving more time for enjoying the beer in the sun with friends. Thanks guys!’- Rhoda Weatherill