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Hop Rhizomes x 3 – British IPA collection


Make your homebrew even more unique by growing your own hops in your garden, allotment or greenhouse! How about a British pale ale? You cant go wrong with a classic, the true homebrew for us Brits. Lazy days and lovely lovely beer. This is one of my favourite collections  – I have had great fun with these flavours creating some great recipes. Mixing some old varieties of hops with some new ones gives your brew a great taste. We sell a lot of these hops to our local micro brewery for their fantastic mashups.

Each kit contains 3 rooted rhizomes, with the option to buy additional organic feed program

Hopes that are included:
Centennial hops  | Chinook hops | Willamette hops

All hops sold are organically grown and cultivated from our own hops on our farm here in the UK. We sell rhizomes with shoots, so you can be certain you have a healthy plant. We’ll send out your hop plant(s) when their shoots are ready – usually between March – May. Please note that we only have limited stock for each variety.

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Centennial Hop

Flowers and citrus most evident. A medium aroma with mid to high bittering value makes it a dual purpose choice. Released in 1990, Centennial is among the most popular hop used by US craft brewers today. The variety is sometimes called the super Cascade though its citrus aromas are lighter than those in Cascade. Acceptable for bittering.
Aroma: Medium intense floral, citrus and grapefruit tones.
Info: 9.5-11.5% Alpha Acids • Domestic • Dual Purpose Hop

Chinook Hop

Chinook hops are suitable for any stage of the boil. They’re not only a natural for American-style Pale Ales and IPAs, but they also find their way into seasonal ales, barley wine and some porters and stouts. The variety is a cross between Petham Golding and a USDA male and features a pine-like, spicy bouquet with robust flavors of grapefruit.
Aroma: Bouquet of pine and spice
Info: 12-14% Alpha Acids • Domestic • Dual Purpose Hop

Willamette Hop

Released in 1976 from the USDA breeding program, Willamette is a triploid seedling of English Fuggle. For years, it was the most widely grown aroma variety in the US. It is named after Oregon’s Willamette River which runs through the heart of the state’s hop growing region.
Aroma: Specific aroma descriptors include floral, incense, and elderberry.
Info: 4.5-6.5% Alpha Acids • Domestic • Finishing Hop


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Hop Rhizomes only (rooted) x3, Hop Rhizomes x3 + organic feed


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