Soda stream extension kit

£50.00 £25.00

Our soda stream extension kit can be adapted to fit our regular mini keg system or be used with our DIY system.  Whats included

  1. Professional grade CO2 regulator
  2. Hose connection
  3. Fit directly onto soda bottle
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These custom made  adapter screws straight into regulators inlet and allows you to use a 400g/425g Soda Stream bottle with our mini regulators.

The Soda Stream bottle holds the equivalent of 25 x 16g disposable cartridges and can be swapped for a full one for about £15 from your nearest retailer

These are very high quality mini CO2 regulators.  These professional grade regulators are set and forget. Once you set the pressure, at 5psi for example, the regulator will maintain the keg at that internal pressure for days or weeks. When you pour a beer the regulator will inject CO2 from the canister to keep the pressure steady.

The huge benefit of this is that there is no constant adjustments necessary as you pour or between pouring beers. These regulators make it easy for anybody to pour a beer from your system so are perfect for parties, bbqs, beach days etc.


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