5L Mini Keg & Beer Dispenser

5L Double Walled Mini Keg Homebrew Draught Beer System  with CO2 Dispenser

Yep, this 5L mini keg homebrew draught system is really as cool as it looks. If you want yourself a home pub/man-cave without the hassle and cost of building one then get your hands on one of these. The 5L mini keg is an ideal starter kit for any homebrewer.

Why buy the 5L Mini Keg?

Bottling Beer

Bottling beer

Still bottling beer for your homebrew? Free up precious drinking and relaxing time with the Dark Farm 5L Mini Keg.

Perfect pint

Perfect pint

Force carbonate your brew to get head worthy of a pro. Use the CO2 dispenser & tap to pull that dream pint – perfection at your finger tips.

Man Cave

Man Cave

We can’t all afford the luxury of a full on man cave (and good luck persuading your other half you need one!) Get a 5L mini keg instead, Mate. It’s affordable, fuss-free and simple to use. 

On the go

On the go

One of the greatest features of your 5L mini keg? You can take it out with you. Show your friends and family what your made of.

The home brew draught beer  mini keg / growler is the ideal addition for any enthusiast. The home brew draught beer 5L mini keg / growler can be used to enjoy a fine beverage at home or taken out on the move. For home brewing the mini keg / growler can be used as the ideal storage for secondary fermentation as well as serving that perfect pint.

The easy to use CO2 dispenser will add bubbles to your brew. The mini keg will hold pressure and is adjustable so you can perfect that perfect pint using a force carbonated draft system.

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How to use the
5L Mini Keg

You’re Just Three Steps Away From Your Dream Pint

FILL your 5L mini keg with your favourite brew. Craft your own or hit up your local brewery or tipple makers.

PRIME your brew using one of the C02 cartridges. Like a bit of fizz in your drink? Let it sit for a bit!

POUR your pint like a true pro. Sip. Pour. Sip. Repeat. You’re welcome.

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