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The Brew Tank Bundles

It doesn’t matter if you are new to homebrewing or an experienced homebrewer, or what style of beer you’re brewing, the Brew Tank is the ideal platform to develop and take your all grain home brewing to the next level.

We have carefully put together 3 bundles to suit your requirements. 

Looking for a 60L Brew Tank?

A new batch of 60L Brew Tanks are now in stock. All tanks now sold with the RAPT temperature  controller

Limited stock available.

From: £745.00

The “Base Pack” comes with everything you need to get brewing. Included is the HEATING ELEMENT (2.2KW), PUMP, GRAIN FILTER, HOSES, TEMPERATURE CONTROLLER, COOLING COIL, HOP SPIDER and all the FITTINGS you need. And don’t worry if later you want to add more equipment – we sell all the upgrades via our online store.

From: £895.00

The Brew Tank “Explorer” contains everything in the Base Pack but with a wort sprayer, sight glass, and inline Y filter. Extracting more from your grains and making sure your wort is filtered on transfer. Whilst your viewing glass allows you to keep an eye on your wort during recirculation.

From: £995.00

The “Fully Loaded” Pack is the same as the Explorer Pack but included a 1.5KW RIMs system within the wort recirculation. Allowing you to use the powerful 2.2KW heating element to heat the too strike temperature and during the boil and then switching the 1.5KW (RIMs) during the mash for optimum control and efficiency.


BREW TANK accessories

All accessories are available for Brew Tank customers with a 10% saving.