Mini Keg FAQs

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Mini Keg Dimensions

mini keg dimensions

Do your mini kegs fit in a fridge?

Well, it depends on the size of your fridge! Check the measurements above and note that the black handles do unscrew. 

Filling & Storing your Mini Keg

Is it ok to store my mini keg in the fridge with the tap and dispenser connected?

Yes, the tap can be kept on – it has a bolt to tighten the tap to stop it accidentally opening in the fridge.

Can I fill the mini keg then attach the dispenser in a few months time - or do I need to force carb straight away and keep under pressure?

You can do both. I personally store my beer without force carbonating or priming with sugar but there’s nothing stopping you from popping the tap on, force carbing and drinking straight away. But, obviously, waiting a few weeks will allow the beer to develop all those lovely flavours.

Force Carbonating Your Mini Keg

Click here for info and tips on force carbonating using a mini keg, including what to do if you have over carbonated or under carbonated your brew.

Mini Keg Assembly

The Dark Farm mini keg is simple to assemble and easy to use. We’ve got some instructions here for you. 

Using Soda Stream Bottles with your Mini Keg

Do any of your mini kegs work with a Soda Stream bottle?

If you want to use a Soda Stream bottle with your mini keg then go for one with a premium disconnect tap. We have both 5L mini kegs and 10L mini kegs you can choose from. Both come with a free Soda Stream adaptor kit.

I have a keg with a flow control tap. Can I use it with a Sodastream bottle instead of the CO2 bulbs?

Unfortunately our flow control taps aren’t suitable for use with a Soda Stream bottle. Our premium disconnect taps (5L mini kegs and 10L mini kegs ) are, however, great for converting to Soda Stream bottles – we include an adaptor with it. 

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