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The Dark Farm Brew Tank and Uni Tank is a great canvas for your next homebrew system. Whether this is your first build, upgrading your current system or adding it to your existing homebrew equipment.  

From: £445.00

Our latest addition to the family the Dark Farm Uni Tank are now in stock

From: £745.00

The “Base Pack” comes with everything you need to get brewing. Included is the HEATING ELEMENT (2.2KW), PUMP, GRAIN FILTER, HOSES, TEMPERATURE CONTROLLER, COOLING COIL, HOP SPIDER and all the FITTINGS you need. And don’t worry if later you want to add more equipment – we sell all the upgrades via our online store.

From: £895.00

The Brew Tank “Explorer” contains everything in the Base Pack but with a wort sprayer, sight glass, and inline Y filter. Extracting more from your grains and making sure your wort is filtered on transfer. Whilst your viewing glass allows you to keep an eye on your wort during recirculation.

From: £995.00

The “Fully Loaded” Pack is the same as the Explorer Pack but included a 1.5KW RIMs system within the wort recirculation. Allowing you to use the powerful 2.2KW heating element to heat the too strike temperature and during the boil and then switching the 1.5KW (RIMs) during the mash for optimum control and efficiency.


This is our flagship tap. It looks amazing, is portable, and super easy to use. So all you have to do is assemble it once, screw it onto the keg you wish to drink and bingo! you’re good to go. The All-In-One system is ideal for those who want to take the keg out and about and, of course, to impress your friends.

Flow control tap and full stainless steel draught system

Regular tap and all metal draught system


The disconnect’s main advantage over the All-In-One system is that once you have attached a spear head to your keg – and as long as you have a spear head on each keg – you can then move the tap and CO2 valve from one keg to another. This allows you to make the switch with just one tap without opening the keg. The disconnect system is ideal for brewers who want to use/attach their kegs to a fermenter, Kegerator or home bar to either pour or transfer their brew from keg to tap, or keg to keg.


To get your party going, we’ve released the Dark Farm mini keg with party tap. This is the most cost effective tap combo we sell so it’s a great way to get into kegging. Very simple to setup with amazing results. Cheers!