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Wonder what it’s like brewing on equipment similar to the professionals but don’t have the budget to get your own? Well, we have great news for you! You can now rent a 40L or 60L Brew Tank Explorer II, the ultimate tool for all grain brewing. Our top of the range model comes with wort recirculation, RIMs, cooling and loads more goodies so you can brew at home like a pro. The 40L Brew Tank is ideal for brewing up 30L, around 50 pints. With the impressive 3KW heating element alongside the efficient RIMs system you have the perfect balance of power and accuracy. The Brew Tank is simple to use and simple to clean so you’ll be enjoying your first pint in no time.

If you are new to brewing, don’t worry: we’ll help you through the process with one-to-one support, alongside instructional videos and our MASHED! magazine “Get Brewing” starter guide.

Why not split the costs and make the most of your rental by sharing your Brew Tank with friends or your homebrew club?

Rental costs:
40L Brew Tank @ £125 per month
60L Brew Tank @ £150 per month

So how does it work? 

  • To book your Brew Tank you pay a £25 setup fee. It’s a one time payment, so if you want to rent on multiple occasions your wont have to pay twice. Refundable if you choose not to rent.
  • We will get in touch to organise your rental period, verify your identity, agree to our terms and conditions and take payment details of the fully refundable deposit £150.
  • Your rental will be charged at the start of your booking period. £125/£150 per month.
  • Select which additional items you would like to order (which you keep), fermenting equipment, kegs, brew kits.
  • We’ll send you the equipment; your rental charges will start and will continue automatically until you wish to stop renting your tank. Remember to get in touch before a new month starts or you will be charged for additional month! We cannot refund rental charges.
  • When you are done, get in touch and will will arrange the return. You simply have to pack the tank and parts up safely for collection.
  • If you fall in love with it you can buy it or swap it for a new one at a reduced cost.
  • When the Brew Tank is returned we’ll check it over and if every is OK we’ll return your deposit.

What’s included:

The Brew Tank “Explorer Pack II” integrates a 1.5KW RIMs system within the wort recirculation. Allowing you to use the powerful 2.2KW heating element to heat up to strike temperature and during boil and then switching the 1.5KW (RIMs) during the mash for optimum control and efficiency. The “L” valve allows to you switch seamlessly between recirculation and the built in whirlpool. The wort spray provides a even coverage over your grain bed. Explorer Pack II also comes with an immersive chiller with hose connection for cooling out wort quickly after the boil. Full list of parts below.

Try before you buy
We know this is a big ticket item so why not try before you buy. After your hire period has ended you have the option to buy the equipment. 70% of your hire fee will be take of the valve of the pack you have. For example the 40L explorer pack is £975 if you have hired the the Brew Tank for 2 months @ £125 per month you will receive £175 discount (£125 x 2 x 70%) if you choose to buy it.


What’s included: 

Brew Tank base unit choice of 40L
2″ tri clamp 2.2KW heater
1.5″ tri clamp 1.5KW heater
Built-in whirlpool
Electric wort pump
InkBird temperature controller (WIFI)
Cooling coil with hose attachments
Wort sprayer
Sight glass
Stainless steel malt basket
Hop spider
Analogue thermometer
T valve
90 degree elbow
2 x Metal braided Hoses with tri clamp fittings
2 x Tee
2 x Thermowell
Clamps and gaskets

What you need:

Fermenting bucket 20L plus – fermenting kit coming soon 
Heating belt
Garden hose: one fit to cold water tap and another for drainage
Brew kit – buy here
Bottles or kegs – buy here

Terms and conditions

  1. You agree to return all the parts listed in working order and in the same condition as you received them, failure to do so will mean you being charged for replacements.
  2. Parts sent to you will be checked and cleaned beforehand.
  3. Items you will be sent will be used and may have slight dents or markings. These will be noted and a copy sent to you at the start of your rental period.
  4. You need to call to cancel your rental agreement before a new month starts, failure to do so will incur an additional month’s rent. Rent charges are not refundable.
  5. You agree to be available for the collection of the Brew Tank for return; if you are not available at the agreed time slot you will be charged for the shipping a fee of £45 and additional month’s rent.
  6. When you return the item  you will do so with care and attention making sure the tank is secure and protected for transit.


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