‘Single Walled’ Black 5L Mini Keg with Fixed tap, CO2 valve

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The Dark Farm refillable and portable 5L stainless steel mini keg growler will soon become an indispensable part of your life! Paired with our very sexy stainless steel force-carbonated draught system. So you get to enjoy your pint your way. Without having to leave the sofa / man cave / shed / beach.


  • 1 x stainless steel, refillable 5L mini keg growler
  • 1 x stellar quality, all metal C02 draught system
Flow Control Shank Adaptor

This  flow control shank adaptor is a unique solution to control the flow of your dispensing liquid without the need for a bulky flow control tap.

Simply screw on to the back of your chosen tap ( faucet )  then into your 5/8 shank. All of our supplied shanks and taps are 5/8 threads.

This is a really good adaptor for portable systems that use an MFL Tap Shank Adaptor, since there isn’t a lot of flow restriction when placing the tap directly onto the ball lock disconnect. You can use this to decrease the flow!

The flow control ring on the adapter can be fixed by means of an Alan bolt and supplied tool.

CO2 cartridges (16g) pack of 10

Pack of 10 threaded 16g CO2 cartridges. Our cartridges fit all CO2 valves sold at Dark Farm. Each cartridge will last at least one 5L mini keg, depending on usage.


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‘First outing for our beautiful Dark Farm mini keg. Fits in the fridge, looks great and is super sturdy. Plus it is easier than bottling – leaving more time for enjoying the beer in the sun with friends. Thanks guys!’- Rhoda Weatherill

The mini keg/growler is the ideal bit of kit for any beer or homebrewing enthusiast. Enjoy a fine beverage at home or taken out on the move. For homebrewing the mini kegs/growlers can be used as the ideal storage for secondary fermentation as well as serving that perfect pint. If you can stop yourself from drinking it all at once, your keg will keep your beer fresh for anything up to 18 months.

The easy to use CO2 dispenser will add bubbles to your brew. The mini keg will hold pressure and is adjustable so you can perfect that perfect pint using a force carbonated draft system.

This 5L beer growler/keg is made from quality stainless steel and the CO2 dispenser is fully constructed from metal. It is definitely not one of those cheaper plastic version you can get elsewhere online! This beer growler/keg is the perfect addition to any homebrewer’s kit. And will save you truck loads of time because you won’t have to clean loads and loads of bottles for your brew. It is also a great present for any beer lover.

Using the Dark Farm mini keg allows you to skip the priming stage in homebrewing. The CO2 valve will regulate the pressure within the mini keg keeping the level you set for weeks; allowing you to create that perfect balance of bubble to brew.


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