New stock, more kegs, better taps and ice jackets are now available!

A big thank you to all our customers that have supported Dark Farm over the past 6 months. With your help we have been able to expand to the big leagues! This week our much needed stock has arrived. And it arrived in style. Some where on one of the largest freight carriers in the World, was our beloved mini kegs. We’ve had such great and positive feedback from you, with sales going out before we could fill the shelves we thought we go large, like our XL keg!

We would like to also apologies to all those customers that have been patiently waiting for this brute of a ship to arrive. But boy has it, and what a bounty it holds. We have more 5L mini keg with C02 dispensers, more 10L mini keg with C02 dispensers, our fantastic new and I believe UK exclusive Dark Farm Ice Jackets, plus our fancy new flow control taps!

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