Nugget Hop (Rooted/Mature plant)


This hop hasn’t got gold teeth, but is the mother of all hops. This hop has attitude and she knows it. Let this hop do the talking, she’s ready to mash you up! Perfect for an IPA.

What is a mature plant?
Usually you purchase a hop as a single rhizome (around £10), a cutting from a mature plant. We sell the whole mature plant at least 3 years old. If you are careful you can divide your plant (up to 4 times) before planting it to create more bines.  See picture as example.

Aroma: Mild, pleasant, herbal aromas.
Info: 13-16% Alpha Acids • Domestic • Bittering Hop

All hops sold are organically grown and cultivated from our own hops on our farm here in the UK. We sell rhizomes with shoots, so you can be certain you have a healthy plant. We’ll send out your hop plant(s) when their shoots are ready – usually between March – May. Please note that we only have limited stock for each variety.

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Strong heavy and herbal, spicy aroma and high bittering value (along with desirable growing traits) has brought this hop variety to the forefront of the industry. This hop has become increasingly popular for its herbal aromas with a pear and peach note.

Nugget’s super alpha acid content, low beta and low cohumulone percentages give it an excellent bittering kick popular in IPAs, Imperials and other super hoppy brews. It’s high myrcene content also results in a green, herbal aroma.

Daughter of Brewer’s Gold and mother of Millennium, Nugget’s popularity has grown quickly.

Characteristics Solid bittering, light flavor, herbal aroma
Purpose Bittering & Aroma
Alpha Acid Composition 9.5%-14%
Beta Acid Composition 4.2%-5.8%
Co-Humulone Composition 22%-30%
Cone Size Medium to large
Cone Density Compact
Seasonal Maturity Mid
Substitutes Galena
Style Guide India Pale Ale, Imperial India Pale Ale


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Hop Rhizome only (rooted), Hop Rhizome + organic feed, Hop Rhizome + organic feed + automated watering system


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