Galena Hop (Rooted/Mature plant)



Yeeee-ha! Galena is never far from the saloon. This hop can hold a grudge, her bitter makes her short tempered and quick on the draw. A backbone in the US, she has been around and will be around for much longer still. Ideal for Imperial Stout, Stout, India Pale Ale, Barley Wine.

What is a mature plant?
Usually you purchase a hop as a single rhizome (around £10), a cutting from a mature plant. We sell the whole mature plant at least 3 years old. If you are careful you can divide your plant (up to 4 times) before planting it to create more bines.  See picture as example.

Aroma: Specific aroma descriptors include sweet fruits, pear, pineapple, blackcurrant, grapefruit, lime, gooseberry and spicy wood.
Info: 12-14% Alpha Acids • Domestic • Dual Purpose Hop

All hops sold are organically grown and cultivated from our own hops on our farm here in the UK. We sell rhizomes with shoots, so you can be certain you have a healthy plant. We’ll send out your hop plant(s) when their shoots are ready – usually between March – May. Please note that we only have limited stock for each variety.

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Galena hops are feisty, with a somewhat potent bitterness, which is still refreshing but brings to mind black pepper in the back of my palate. They’re also pleasantly aromatic, with a familiar clean, green, hoppy blackcurrant-esque aroma and a good strong grapefruit citrus note.

Super alpha Galena is one of the most widely used bittering hop varieties in the US and is also an excellent dual-use hop.

Galena’s fruity flavor profile really kicks with clean and agreeable notes of citrus. Some brewers have noted its better when boiled in smaller quantities and that later additions bring forth stronger aromas of blackcurrant.

Directly descended from Brewer’s Gold, Galena was brought about via open pollination and was officially selected in 1968 by agricultural scientist Richard R. Romanko in the state of Idaho. Commercially, Galena is most noted for it’s purported use as the only hop in pale lager, Corona Extra.

Characteristics Fruity aroma
Purpose Fruity aroma
Alpha Acid Composition 12%
Beta Acid Composition 7.5%
Co-Humulone Composition 39%
Country US
Cone Size Medium
Cone Density Compact
Substitutes NuggetColumbusZeusChinookPride of RingwoodEroicaNewportClusterBrewers Gold
Style Guide Imperial Stout, Stout, India Pale Ale, Barley Wine


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Hop Rhizome only (rooted), Hop Rhizome + organic feed, Hop Rhizome + organic feed + automated watering system


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