Unicorns Are Real IPA (5.6%)


If a beer could be a unicorn this is it. Enjoy the magic of Voss Kveik yeast, which not only stands fantastic high temperatures, but ferments in record time. Norwegian folklore? No, a fact, my friend! Your resulting beer is a rainbow of fruity flavours – strawberry, melon pineapple – thanks to the Belma hops, reined in by the earthy, citrus notes of the Columbus
hops. Plus plenty of biscuity maltiness because unicorns love it. Push the fermentationv temperature and the yeast will also bring some punch to the party with orange

Included in this pack:
Grains: Pale 2 Row, Rolled Oats, Rye,
Biscuit Malt, Crystal Medium Malt
Hops: Columbus, Belma
Yeast: WHC Lab Voss Kveik
IBU: 43.7
SRM: 7.2°
Makes: 23L

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